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Production of mushrooms in Ukraine – a vast industry. Annually about 60,000 tons of mushrooms are produced in Ukraine, its value by the producer’s prices in 2013 was amounted about 1 billion UAH, and the total turnover of the industry companies is in many times higher than this figure. About 8,000 people are engaged in the production of compost, mushrooms, processing, trade. The most popular cultivated mushroom in Ukraine – champignon. Its share in the production and sales – more than 90%.

The main challenge, that faces the mushroom growing in Ukraine, is a need to expand the markets for products, price support and ensure the profitability of production. Today we consider a number of possibilities, each of which can help to achieve these goals. Here are the main ones:

  • Stimulate the domestic consumption of cultivated mushrooms, according to many experts, can give a significant result, considering that the program to popularize mushrooms in the country previously not been performed;
  • Research of Ukrainian mushroom buyers outside the country, the establishment of appropriate business relations. Recent changes in currency rate and constantly lowering  price at the domestic market make this direction as one of the most promising;
  • Cooperation of small producers. Creation of joint logistics centers, centralized purchasing, and at the end –work of the industry association are still at the beginning stage;
  • Increasing the share of processing in the structure of mushroom products, which would greatly stabilize the market and open new opportunities that are associated with exports;
  • Reduction of technological risks and increase the average productivity particularly  by improved hygiene, use of monitoring systems, use of 3-phase compost, technical assistance;
  • Reduction of production costs, in particular due to energy efficiency programs, increase productivity, efficient management, and optimization of logistics and other actions.

The conference "Ukrainian mushroom growing: strategy for success" is conceived as a major industry event in Ukraine, aimed precisely at the strategically important and common challenges facing the industry. The aim of the conference is to discuss the strategically actions that will achieve sustainable development, stability and predictability of the business of mushroom growing. It is expected that the conference will be attended by over 150 people. Firstly, the conference will be interesting for investors, business owners, marketers, salespeople. Technologists also will find interesting discoursers here – the best Ukrainian and foreign consultants will participate at the conference.

The exhibition of the companies, which offer their products and services to enterprises of mushroom industry, will be held in the framework of the conference.

The organizers thank the General sponsor of the conference, the company Sylvan, conference’s sponsors, companies: Mikogen-Ukraine, Mir Solomy, Champion, Amycel for their support.



Conference successfully finished

The 1st International conference “Ukrainian mushroom growing: a strategy of success” is finished. The event has gathered 200 people from 8 countries, foremost, of cause, from Ukraine. The general sponsor of the conference – the world biggest producer of spawn Sylvan. The sponsors of the…

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